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Wireless Speaker Emitter
power supply110~220V
frequency range20~20KHz
AUXIN channel2 Channel(s)
microphone channel1 Channel(s)
built_in microphone1 Channel(s)
oscillation modePPL
frequency stability±90KHz
band width9MHz
radio channels30 Channel(s)
volume adjustable zones5 Channel(s)
wireless radiosupport
mp3 playersupport
FM Radio receiversupport
USB Disksupport
SD Disksupport
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WL-555 wireless audio transmitter host, can provide long-distance and stable audio transmission signals. Unlike the traditional FM wireless technology, this new generation of wireless audio transmission system uses a more stable and mature very high Frequency transmission technology, the use of frequency bands are staggered with traditional FM frequency modulation, so it will not cause any interference to FM broadcasting.

The effective transmission distance of WL-555 can be up to 400 meters in open and unobstructed venues, and it can also transmit up to 100 meters in obstructed venues, and the transmitted audio is digitized The conversion compression process can reduce the sound distortion caused by signal distortion in wireless transmission, and provide better sound quality than traditional wireless transmission technology.

WL-555 wireless sound transmission system can provide up to 32 communication frequency bands, each frequency band can be divided into 5 partitions, the volume of each partition is independently adjustable, which can meet most complex occasions use. At the same time, it can achieve longer-distance transmission through wireless bridging in a wider area.

This set of wireless audio transmission system is suitable for schools, bars, railway stations, subway stations, airports and other public broadcasting places that need to be used. It is simple to install and does not require complicated wiring. It can share power with the LED display.

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