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Application of using background music to enhance passenger experience in subway commercial street

The subway is gradually becoming a very important means of public transportation in large and medium-sized cities, carrying a huge flow of people every day. Many commuters may take the subway to go to work in the morning and take the subway to go home in the evening. The subway has become their life. An indispensable tool for travel. Although the subway is very convenient, most subway stations are built below the surface and are man-made buildings. If people stay in this relatively closed, lack of sunlight and cramped environment for a long time, it will inevitably cause physical and mental health problems. some degree of influence. Therefore, the introduction of appropriate natural elements into the subway environment will benefit the development of human physical and mental health.

In the subway design, the background music system is usually associated with the emergency disaster system. In addition to the daily voice broadcast, the background music system is only used for emergency broadcasts when disasters such as fires and earthquakes occur. However, the role of the background music system should not only be used for these two purposes. It can also bring sound and sensory relaxation to pedestrians in the subway, and can also be used as a tool to adjust the flow of people in the subway.

For example, when people hear fast-paced music, they will unconsciously think that time passes quickly. When it is necessary to increase the flow of people, they can play some fast-paced music through the background music system, so that pedestrians in the subway can speed up their walking pace and improve the performance. Crowd speed. When playing soft and gentle music, people will feel that time passes slowly, and they will be more relaxed psychologically. For those pedestrians who have been in the subway for a long time, they can relax and adjust the closed environment in the subway and the lack of sunlight. discomfort. You can even use the background music to play some bird calls, insects or streams to simulate the sound of the natural environment, with some artificial plant decorations, so that people who have lived in the city for a long time can feel the affinity of nature.

Because the subway commercial street is below the surface, the space is relatively closed and the lack of sunlight often gives people a feeling of discomfort. Therefore, using the background music system to play appropriate music or sounds can adjust people's discomfort and increase the number of stops in the subway commercial street. time, so as to improve the lot value of the commercial street and increase the commercial revenue capacity.

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