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Use battery to quickly measure audio connection failure

When the audio system fails, the first thing to do is to determine the location of the failure. After eliminating the problem of the power amplifier, how to quickly determine which speaker is the problem? Especially when there are no available testing tools at hand, this often becomes a nightmare for maintainers.

Here is a very simple method that can easily solve this problem, and all we need is a AA battery (other types of batteries are also available).

First remove all the speaker cables connected to the power amplifier, then use a pair of speaker cables to lay the positive and negative poles of the battery respectively, and fix the first stage (any one of the positive and negative stages is fine), and then repeat in the other section of the battery The operation of lap loosening. At this time, if the corresponding speaker emits a "beep" sound, it means that the speaker and the speaker cable are working normally. Otherwise, if no sound occurs, it means the speaker or the connection cable. A malfunction has occurred.

Demonstration diagram of using battery to measure audio failure

The principle of this test method is the same as that of the speaker, which is to produce a simulated alternating current effect by constantly carrying and loosening the battery, so no sound will be produced if the battery is always attached.

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