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The use of background music in Hangzhou Asian Games Park

As the host city of the 19th Asian Games, Hangzhou has built a number of Asian Games venues in order to allow athletes from all over the world to have a comfortable rest and exercise environment. It is integrated with the concept of fitness park, so that Hangzhou citizens can also feel the fun of sports.

As a Hangzhou Grand Canal Asian Games Park, which integrates sports and fitness, it has made bold and innovative changes in the park garden design, and also specially designed a set of background music system suitable for the use of the park environment, providing tourists with a comfortable environment. Music atmosphere, can also be used as emergency broadcast.

Use of background music in park environment

Hangzhou Grand Canal Asian Games Park has two sports venues, but most of its area is a sports park for leisure and fitness. Compared with natural parks or forest parks, sports parks will have a cleaner and cleaner environment, but at the same time they will lose some natural atmosphere. In order to make up for the lack of natural feeling, appropriate supplements can be made by adding background music. . While visiting the park, enjoy beautiful music or listen to the chirping of insects and birds.

At the same time, the park background music system can also play the role of public broadcasting when a large number of people watching the game or leisurely come to the Hangzhou Grand Canal Asian Games Park during the event or during the holidays. Can be used to broadcast schedule, game status and sudden emergency broadcast.

Park background music design

Most of the area of ​​Hangzhou Grand Canal Asian Games Park is lawn, so the main body of the speaker for background music is composed of Lawn Sound. This lawn speaker uses ABS material as the shell, which is resistant to sunlight, wind, rain and insect bites , can work for a long time in the outdoor environment, and the speaker is located in the top dome position, which is isolated from the lawn, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of flooding and damage. It is a speaker style that is very suitable for park lawns.

Lawn Sound Show

At the same time, the Hangzhou Grand Canal Asian Games Park also has many areas for tourists to rest. These areas are equipped with sound column speakers, which can be placed at a higher place, and can provide a wider and farther sound transmission range during broadcasting.

Due to the vast area of ​​the Asian Games Park, the traditional broadcasting system cannot achieve effective coverage. Therefore, by combining the network broadcasting system with the traditional broadcasting system, broadcasting nodes are set up in different parks, and then the nodes output broadcasting audio signals to connect each speaker. .

Hangzhou has carefully designed and constructed various venues for the Asian Games in order to welcome the Olympic athletes from all over the world, which can not only provide a comfortable resting environment for athletes, but also provide leisure and fitness places for Hangzhou citizens.

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