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Hangzhou Westlake Square

West Lake Cultural Square is located on the north side of the canal in Hangzhou Wulin Square, in the center of Hangzhou, only 2 kilometers away from West Lake, West Lake Cultural Plaza covers an area of ​​13.3 hectares. West Lake Cultural Square The total construction area is 350,000 square meters, and the outdoor plaza of West Lake Cultural Plaza is about 100,000 square meters. The main tower of West Lake Cultural Plaza is the 41-story, 170-meter-high Zhejiang Global Center. West Lake Cultural Plaza integrates culture, entertainment, performances, exhibitions, and fitness. The entire plaza is designed with Hangzhou's unique West Lake culture, canal culture and ancient pagoda culture as the architectural background, combined with the magnificent image of modern civilization, reflecting the exquisite and intelligent essence of Wuyue culture. In addition to providing leisure and exercise places for citizens, Hangzhou West Lake Cultural Plaza integrates the Zhejiang Provincial Museum, Silk Museum and other museums together, allowing the general public to experience a variety of scientific, technological and cultural experiences.

West Lake Cultural Square Because of the large area, a PA-2000 power amplifier is installed in the central square area, with an average power of up to 2000W, which can provide long-term stable power output. It is equipped with more than 20 in the square flower bed. There are LD-801 lawn speakers, and 15 60W RX-C60 indoor and outdoor sound column speakers are installed around the square. The whole set of equipment has been installed and has been running stably.

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