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Hangzhou Tower Mall

Hangzhou Tower is located on the west side of Wulin Square in the most prosperous part of Hangzhou, divided into blocks A, B, and C Kunhe stores (opened in September 2009), Huazhe Store in Block D (opened in April 2009) has four buildings across Huancheng North Road. The total construction area is nearly 140,000 square meters, and more than 50,000 domestic and foreign high-end brand-name products are operated.

Since 2009, Hangzhou Tower has gradually moved from a single-store brand operation to a large-scale chain operation, successively exporting brand management Hangzhou Tower-Huzhou Phoenix Shopping Center, Hangzhou Tower-West Lake Times Square , And Hangzhou Tower-Yuanhua Shopping Center, a total of three large shopping malls, the scale of operation has ranked first in Zhejiang Province.

Hangzhou Tower As a luxury jewelry department store in Hangzhou, it has been working hard to provide customers with a leisure and comfortable shopping experience. By installing a background music system, customers can enjoy a relaxed Experience a comfortable shopping experience in a music atmosphere. For this reason, Hangzhou Tower uses Reasonbox background music system.

Use a 1000W PA-1000 broadcast constant voltage power amplifier in each shopping area, and then install 20-30 RX-C601 ceiling speakers on each floor of the mall, and match them A set of fire alarms, in case of fire alarm, the background music system can switch to fire alarm mode, because Reasonbox RX-C601 ceiling speaker shell is All-metal material, it can still run stably for a period of time in high temperature and harsh environment, providing enough time for evacuation, and providing comfortable background music while also playing a role in fire safety.

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